Uber Advanced Technologies Group

Design Lead

Designing the in-vehicle digital experience for the Self-Driving Uber. Projects include designing interfaces for vehicle operators, on-trip experiences for riders, and product requirements for the next generation Self-Driving Uber.

Duolingo for Schools

Design and Product Lead

Since Duolingo's initial launch, educators around the world used Duolingo in their classrooms. To improve the in-school Duolingo experience, I lead the design of a platform to help educators track their students' learning progress.


Design Lead

In 2014 I worked as the sole designer for Duolingo.com, leading the design direction and executing A/B test experiments. In this time, I helped improve user retention by 20% and grew the number of active users by 38%.

Duolingo Email Redesign

Design Lead

Noticing that the Duolingo emails were long overdue for a visual update, I took the initiative to redesign our notifications. This was not merely a superficial endeavour, as user retention improved as a result of the redesigned emails.

Duolingo Incubator Redesign

Design Lead

The Duolingo Incubator is a fascinating and complex power tool that allows volunteers to contribute to a language course. Since its original conception, this crowdsourcing tool welcomed many new features and was in need of a redesign.

MAYA Design (A BCG Company)

Designer and Researcher

Worked on numerous projects in a product design, UX research, and web development capacity. Clients included Mondelez International, Highmark Health Insurance, General Dynamics, and more. My last project was redesigning MAYA.com to reflect a newly refreshed brand.